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If you are experiencing pain that radiates from the back or buttocks all the way down the legs, you may have a common condition called sciatica. Many people look for a Corona CA chiropractor so they don't have to suffer from the pain of sciatica, and many never achieve a long-term solution. An untreated sciatic condition can continue to worsen and make the daily tasks of living go from difficult to impossible. This article is aimed at helping you to understand sciatica and explains how chiropractic treatment can help you to overcome it.

Sciatic Treatment in Corona CA

Sciatica, which is also known as sciatic neuralgia, is a condition that causes pain in the lower back, down the back of the leg, and into the foot. It can make sitting and standing for long periods of time difficult and can lead to weakness, tingling, and numbness in the leg and foot. It will often come and go throughout a person's lifetime, causing periods of varying degrees of pain and discomfort. If left unchecked, sciatic pain will generally grow worse and the nerve can become permanently injured.

The reason why the pain travels so far, seems to radiate up and down the legs and back, is because it is caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body. This nerve originates in the lumbar spine and extends into the buttocks before traveling down the leg to the ankle and foot. When the vertebrae in the low back are compressed, the roots of the sciatic nerve can become pinched and irritated which is what causes the pain and injury.

How Do You Develop Sciatica?

There are a number of factors that can lead to sciatica. It is most commonly caused by disc injuries and bulges. In this occurrence, the disc presses against the nerve root causing the issue. Disc Injuries can occur because of poor posture, repetitive use injuries, and accidents. Sciatica is also common when there are subluxations (misalignments) in the spine due to postural issues, pregnancy, or trauma. Some patients say they simply bent over to pick up a piece of paper and they were hit with extreme pain. The reality is that the spinal condition was probably developing for quite some time before the triggering incident occurred.

The Benefits of Chiropractic for Sciatica

Sciatica is a painful condition that involves the sciatic nerve which travels from the lower spine area across the small of the back, through the hips, buttocks, and down the legs. There is a sciatic nerve on each side of the body, but it is not uncommon for only one side of the body to be affected.

This can be a very painful condition, with the most common cause being a herniated disc that creates pressure on the nerve. Sometimes, bony growths in the lower back can also create this pressure. People may experience mild to severe pain that may come and go. In severe cases, sciatica can cause bowel and bladder problems or significant weakness in the leg(s).

A Chiropractor Specializing in Sciatica

Dr. Richter offers effective chiropractic care for sciatica. There is no need to suffer through this painful and debilitating condition. Chiropractic treatment for sciatica typically involves correcting the alignment of the spine to eliminate pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Chiropractic care for sciatica may also include physiotherapy techniques that help to reduce inflammation and speed healing. Meeting with Dr. Ritcher is the first step in evaluating the specifics of your pain and beginning the recovery process.

If you are looking for a chiropractor for sciatica near me in Corona, CA, or the surrounding areas, call Richter Family Chiropractic at (951) 817-9815 to schedule an appointment. Seeing a chiropractor specializing in sciatica is the best way to relieve the pain and start the recovery process.


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