Suffering From Scoliosis in Corona CA?

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Are you looking for the best chiropractor in Corona CA that cares for scoliosis? The causes of scoliosis are not well understood, but this sideways curvature of the spine is linked to people with cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. However, it also occurs in people without these conditions. It is more common when the spine is injured, or the spine was injured sometime during the individual’s life.

The condition can be diagnosed in children but is often not diagnosed until adolescence or adulthood. In mild cases of spinal curvature, the individual may have very few problems. With a significant curvature, there can be debilitating health issues. In some people in the Corona, CA, area, the spinal curvature may become progressively worse as they age.

Scoliosis Treatment in Corona CA

Scoliosis is a bend or curve in the spine where a healthy spine would be completely vertical. The exact origin of the curve is often hard to trace. In the beginning, it may be just a small bend caused by a simple misalignment of single vertebrae. Over time the body will begin to compensate, building musculature that will continue to pull the spine into lateral curves in order to ensure that the head remains level.

This misalignment can occur because of postural issues, degenerative diseases, and traumatic accidents. While many cases of scoliosis begin while the body is going through rapid spurts of development, particularly in youth aged 10-12, the condition can also develop in older adults as well. In older people, scoliosis is often caused by degenerative disorders such as osteoporosis.

We offer many services that can help with your scoliosis:

What are the Consequences of Scoliosis?

If scoliosis and its cause go unchecked it can lead to severe, long-term consequences. Scoliosis is associated with back, neck, shoulder, and buttocks pain. It can lead to re-occurring injuries and has been linked to sciatica. In severe cases, it can cause diminished lung and heart capacity, painful menstruation, and physical disability.

How is Scoliosis Identified?

Parents, or someone close to the person with scoliosis, are often the first to notice, as the shoulders and pelvis no longer appear level. A physical examination will assess the gait and will use visual and manual examinations to assess the curvature of the spine. An Adams Position Test, which requires the patient to bend forward as far as possible, can indicate whether an issue is present or not. If a noticeable curvature is discovered an x-ray will be used to determine the extent of scoliosis.

Chiropractic care for Scoliosis

Finding a provider for scoliosis therapy is important to reduce the risk of further curvature of the spine. At Richter Family Chiropractic, Dr. Richter provides chiropractic care to manage scoliosis and slow the progressive rotation and twisting of the spine.

Depending on the degree of scoliosis the doctor may recommend chiropractic adjustment along with exercises to support the spine and balance the body.

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